Mar 22

People Love Pizza And Americans Love It More

You probably didn’t know that even supermodels enjoy eating pizza. It’s a universal food that is loved by people everywhere. Around the globe, millions of people order pizza every single day. In fact, it’s so popular that it’s a billion-dollar industry, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

The growth of the pizza industry seems to be booming, and as new varieties are created, people can’t stop eating their favorite pie. If pizza isn’t already your favorite food, then there is a good chance that it used to or will be in the future. For some of the best pizza, there is a hamilton beach 31700 pizza maker that works well.

A lot of consumers view pizza as one thing – a gift from heaven. After all, what is not to like about a delicious, cheesy gift from the gods?

Easy Customization

What millions of pizza eaters like is the fact that pizza is customizable. It’s one of the many foods that provides the end user with total customization over what they eat.

You get to choose the sauce, meats and veggies. You even get to choose if you want to add parmesan cheese or not. Many people prefer some plain, cheese-filled slices of pizza while others prefer to add 15 different toppings to their masterpiece.

Either way you slice it, pizza isn’t going away anytime soon. Some people even eat pizzas that have breadcrumbs on them.

The Fanatics

If you happen to be a pizza fanatic, you’re just one of many. This is especially true in the United States. Every year, in this country, three billion pizzas make their way to hungry consumers.

That is so much pizza that you probably wouldn’t know what to do with it all. Think about the hundreds of thousands of pounds of toppings that must go into such a massive amount of food. On average, an adult will eat roughly 744 calories of their favorite pizza during a single sitting.

That isn’t a lot of calories when you consider what some of today’s pizzas are filled with. You can get pizzas that have caviar, or you can even order some champagne with your favorite treat.

Did you know that about 34 percent of the fat on an average American’s body comes from pizza. According to some of the latest stats, men are far more likely to eat pizza than women. Scientists aren’t quite sure why, but they know that there is a hidden reason behind such a decision.